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Repair Services


The most common issue is when pixels are damaged during event operations. Our experts can replace bad pixels, repair improper contact points, adjust color functionality.

  • Discolored Pixels

  • Cracked Pixels

  • Shorts in Groups of Pixels

  • Inconsistent Power to Pixels

  • Color Mismatch Pixels

  • Poor Previous Repairs 



Many Repair companies in the industry cannot repair broken or damaged PCB boards. We have the experience to reconstruct PCB without the need to waste your module. This prevents our clients from incurring unnecessary expenses.



We have developed an effective technique to identify and replace faulty integrated circuits.


This is however, a delicate process to which we are able to to complete on the majority of modules.


Our Repair Quality Standards

For more than 12 years our focus has been on quality repair in LED modules.  Our engineers are not only trained to work on these modules but are also certified by LED module manufacturing companies to repair with the highest quality and prevent the product from losing its value.  Which has been an important factor for entrepreneurs when reselling these screens to recover as much investment as possible. 

At 725co. we appreciate the opportunity to continue demonstrating how important it is to maintain an LED module in the best condition, not only to recover your investment, but to keep your display looking its best.

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