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Video Wall Spare Parts

Do you need spare parts for your video wall tiles and need help finding them online?

Please email us; we might get you the parts you need. 

PC / Laptop Repair & Rental 

PC / Laptop problems?

We can fix it for you.

Rather rent one? Sure.

Let us know!

LED Tile Maintenance

Yes, we do maintenance on all types of LED Tiles, latches,

data port replacements,

power port replacements,

Receiving Card replacements

Locking Pins, Etc.

Processor Repair

Our Repair Engineers can repair all kinds of video processor problems. Let us help you with your processor needs.

NovaStar Processors Rental

We have a variety of Nova Processors for your needs.

NovaStar VX16

NovaStar Jr.

NovaStar 4K

NovaStar VX16

Case Repair

If you ever need road case repairs let us know, and we can repair them for you.



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